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How Do I Know If My Homeowners
Insurance Covers Earthquake Damage?
by Ruben Vick, Farmers Insurance Agent

Do You Need Earthquake Insurance?
    Here are some questions to ask yourself when considering coverage:
  • Is my home covered if an earthquake does occur?
  • Can I afford the cost of rebuilding or repairing my home if damaged as the result of an earthquake?
  • What would it cost to replace my personal belongings damaged as a result of an earthquake?
  • How would I pay for temporary housing if an earthquake causes structural damage to my home or makes it uninhabitable?
Oklahoma earthquake insurance; Earthquake insurance coverage
Don't put your home at risk. Consider working with a contractor to make your home more stable, secure, and resistant to damage from earthquakes.

No one can predict exactly where or when earthquakes will happen. We do know that when it does happen, an earthquake can cause major damage to public and your personal property. Therefore, if you live in earthquake country, you must be prepared.

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