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REUNIONS: 1980 | 1984 | 1995

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11/09/04 ~ Class of 1980 Planning 25th Year REUNION

Plans are being made now to meet for our 25th Year Reunion. The dates have been set for Friday, September 23rd and Saturday, September 24th, 2005. It is very early, however, we have a lot to plan for next year. We need to know how to contact you so please email Theresa Willaby-Short at DZNYLVR2@aol.com. Also continue to check back at this website as a meeting date and time for the next meeting will be posted very soon. Below listed are the names of the classmates we have not found. If you have any information on their whereabouts, please forward that information to Theresa at the above email.
(Reunion Website.)
Sam Barnes, Pat Brannon, Renee Brumley, Holly Bryant Kreiger
Danny Call, Melanie Clark, James Coble, Victor Cook
Donna Covington, Lori Darbro, Kara Davis Fisher, Dwayne Dawson
Allen Devore, Allen Dixon, Kenneth Eddins, Chuck Ford
Del Ford, Ken Freeman, Debbie Green, Paula Green
Terri Hale, Kathy Hamilton, John Hensley, Charles Hilliard
Debbie Hilts Manning, Geraldine Kinnamon, Allen Luker, Joe Lynch
Debbie McCarty Vanderlinden, Mike McCurry, Sheila McDorman, Karen Madsen
Leanne Merrick Green, Cheryl Michaels Slate, Tracy Miller, Charles Mohney
Brenda Mulhauser Spencer, Sherri Nixon, Jana Peters, Carl Phillips
Paulette Pike, Gary Raleigh, Richard Raleigh, Todd Roberts
Pat Russell, Allen Sanders, Russell Seery, Janet Shoemake
Vivian Smith, Donny Thurman, Steve Viers, Robert Wantland
Robin West Guilfoyle, Bobby Wholf, Jennifer Wood Bell

Looking forward to hearing from you!
Theresa Willaby-Short, DZNYLVR2@aol.com

6/06/04 ~ Class of 1994 REUNION

The class of 1994 reunion will be on July 30-31, 2004. Reunion Celebrations, Inc. will be sending out more information pertaining to more detailed times and events. Mark these dates off!! Hope to see you there!
Scott Schockoemoehl: 580-470-8272, Jeff Green: 405-360-3096

5/15/04 ~ Superintendent Johnson Retires from Owasso Public Schools

4/15/04 ~ News from West Africa: Jo Anna Dossett, Class of 1999

Hola! My name is Jo Anna Dossett. I'm a 1999 graduate of Owasso High School and am now a Peace Corps Volunteer living in the Republic of Cape Verde in West Africa.
The Reporter has offered me a little space in which I can share some of my experiences with you all.
I've been in Cape Verde for eight months now. I spent the first two months at the Peace Corps Cape Verde's training center, learning Cape Verde's national language (Kriolu) and its official language (Portuguese).
I have spent the last six months teaching English to 8th and 9th graders in a Cape Verde's high schools.
Cape Verde is an archipelago consisting of nine inhabited islands and one uninhabited island. These islands are the results of volcanic explosions which occurred 300-500 miles off the coast of West Africa as early as 2 million years ago and as recently as 100,000 years ago.
In contrast with their violent births, the islands have each had relatively peaceful existences. However, their strategic position between the continents of Europe, Africa and South America has made them (sometimes unwilling) participants in some of the most significant events of modern history.
So, in addition to sharing my personal experiences here, I look forward to sharing what I have learned about Cape Verde's experience in history and what that experience means for Cape Verde now and in the future. (Owasso Reporter)

NOTICE: Class of 1984

Anyone who knows the reunion information, please send it in for posting. ~ snowhawk

2/14/04 ~ Class of 1994 REUNION

The Class of 94 Reunion is in the planning stage. We are going to hire a reunion planning company in Norman, OK to handle the event. This company also handled the Class of 93 reunion. The tentative time frame for the reunion is mid-late July. If anyone out there has begun any kind of work on the reunion, or would like to be involved in the process, or if has any feedback (positive or negative), please call:
  Scott Schockoemoehl: 580-470-8272, or
  Jeff Green: 405-360-3096

2/14/04 ~ Valentine's Day - (Activities & more -- History -- e-cards)

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Goodby and flee, 2003...
We've opened the door to 2004!
Now I shout with a Godzilla cheer,
to wish one and all a "HAPPY NEW YEAR!"   ~\o/~

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