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Goodby and flee, 2003...
We've opened the door to 2004!
Now I shout with a Godzilla cheer,
to wish one and all a "HAPPY NEW YEAR!"   ~\o/~

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10/17/03 ~ FFA Scholarship Fund in honor of Dean McKee

A college scholorship has been established in Dean McKee's name for students on Owasso's FFA program. Mr McKee was with Owasso Public Schools 13 years, and taught FFA at Owasso High School until his death on September 25, 2003. (memorial)
He was eulogized by OHS Principal Stan Trout as "the most positive person I've known." Officials of the Owasso FFA Alumni Association spoke of his "positive effects on kids." Students considered him a great friend.
The FFA Alumni Association has established scholarship, and a fund for it. Contributions may be sent to the Dean McKee FFA Memorial Scholarship Fund at First Bank of Owasso, PO Box 1800, Owasso, OK 74055.
For more information, contact FFA Alumni officials Mike A. Summers at 272-7768, David Kessler at 274-0827, or Brant Snap at 272-5301.

08/07/03 ~ Class of 1983 REUNION

Saturday, Sept. 27th, 7:30pm to Midnight, at Baxter's Interurban, 717 South Houston, Tulsa
Dress attire- casual to business casual
For more information contact: Reunion Celebrations at reunions@okreunions.com or by phone at 405-447-5544 or toll free at 1-877-605-3577

Leave the following information when contacting Reunion Celebrations: Friday Night Sept 26th is optional. We are meeting at the High School Football game... Kickoff is 7:30pm.

08/06/03 ~ Congratulations Mrs. Tulsa County, Jodi (McCarty) Wilson!

Jodi (McCarty) Wilson, OHS alumnus - Class of 1998, and former Miss Owasso 2000, has been selected as Mrs. Tulsa County and will compete in the Mrs. Oklahoma Pageant at the Van Trease Performing Arts Center at Tulsa Community College on April 17, 2004. Mrs. Oklahoma 2004 will receive an all-expense-paid trip to the Mrs. America Competition in Honolulu, plus numerous prizes and benefits back home. Jodi is married to Air National Guardsman Bryan Wilson, and they have a 17 month old son, Caleb Wilson. Jodi has started support groups for mentoring children of divorced families in Owasso Schools and lunch groups, and has taken the opportunity to mentor children where she works at Children's Depot in Owasso. Since she has become Mrs. Tulsa County, she plans to go into Tulsa schools as well. Mrs. Tulsa County sponsors include the Owasso Fitness Zone. Anyone interested in sponsorship may call Mrs. Oklahoma pageant director, Melissa Stade, 355-8342 or Jodi Wilson, 371-6823.

08/03 ~ Mid-High Yearbooks

Yearbooks will be available during enrollment, Aug 12 and 13 between 9:30am and noon, in rooms 3 and 4. After school starts, Aug 21st, yearbooks may be picked up before or after school in room 4.

07/03 ~ Congratulations Kelley Scott, MISS OKLAHOMA

OHS alumnus, Kelley Scott, was crowned Miss Owasso 1999 and 2002. Now she has been crowned Miss Oklahoma. She is the 22 year old daughter of Steven and Rita Scott of Owasso, and is a senior accounting major with a minor in vocal performance at Oklahoma City University. The twice Miss Owasso, and former Miss Tulsa and Miss Western Plains has already spoken to more than 1500 children about her platform issue, Developing Active Kids for a Healthy Future. For her talent area, she sang "Just Found Out About Love/This Can't Be Love." She has won more than $80,000 in scholarships, including the $15,000 scholarship for taking the 2003 title.
1st runner-up: Miss Okmulgee, Dionne White; 2nd runner-up: Miss Lake Hudson, Brooke Haley; 3rd runner-up: Miss Greater Oklahoma, Jennifer Berry; 4th runner-up: Miss Skiatook Lake, Amanda Lee
In High School, Kelley was an Oklahoma All-State Softball player on the state championship softball team, played varsity basketball and was selected to the Oklahoma All-State Honor Choir. She continues to work at as counselor at athletic camps, and referee for YMCA Youth Basketball. Her goals are to obtain an MBA in accounting and become a public accountant. Kelley will represent Oklahoma at the Miss America Pageant this fall.

05/13/03 ~ Class of 1993 REUNION

The date for our reunion has changed to August 8 & 9, 2003. Please contact Michelle Smothers-Barnes, (918) 371-8841 or email: msbreunion93@cs.com or racerdysuperbee@cs.com). Class web page: www.geocities.com/owassohigh93

Congratulations Graduates CLASS of 2003! ^5s!

04/08/03 ~ ATTENTION: Class of 1969:

The Class of '69 Cooks!
The book, Class of 69 Cooks, which will be released around the beginning of the year 2004, is based on food. This book will demonstrate a wide variety of types, flavors, styles, and recipes for cuisine that was favored by high school Seniors and graduates in the year 1969.
The focus is on the favorite foods of the Senior high school graduating class of 1969. The author will explore what nutritional (if any) changes have been made. What is on the dinner table of the Class of '69 during the year 2003?
Are members of the Class of '69 cooking more or fewer meals at home; are we still following the same recipes for favorite foods that we enjoyed during the sixties?
Class of 69 Cooks will appeal to a broad spectrum of the population, not just the Seniors '69. From those born during the Mid-Century population explosion, of the Twentieth Century, to those that "birthed" us, to the teenagers of the Millennium; all should at least get a chuckle, and a fond memory. This is not for scientific research!
We all know what we were doing back then, or at least thought we did at the time. The food that nourished us or sent us spinning, or brought us home - that is the recipe that should be contributed to Class of 69 Cooks!
During our high school years of the sixties, we observed everyone from Twiggy to Fats Domino, from people that looked as if they ate nothing to those that appear to have really enjoyed food; are we still the same?
Your two recipes, one for then and one for now, will all be considered. It does not have to be a recipe that you prepared yourself. Maybe it was a grandmother's dish, or your parent's concoction. What was your favorite food? Both of the recipes must be selected in combination for your entry to be published in Class of 69 Cooks. Please relate the story behind your favorite recipe in 200 words or less.
The format will be: left page 1969 recipe, right page 2003 recipe. Photographs of you then & now will be helpful and may or may not be published. In case of duplicate recipes, the pair received first will be published, and the entrant will not necessarily be notified. Scan the photographs of your self, both then (must be whole yearbook page) and now, the photograph of your finished recipes (if desired), your recipes or directions for preparation, your complete snail mail address, and a short biography. Paste into the text of an email (NO attachments will be considered) and send to: jill.russell@verizon.net
Your biography should contain at least 175 words, but no more than 250.
Biographies and recipes may be edited. All statements of a political nature will be disregarded. Cut-off date for entries is midnight CST June 15, 2003.
Some but not all of the contributors, may be interviewed either in person, by telephone, or via email, in addition to the recipe submissions.
None of the recipes or photographs will be returned. If your submissions are selected, you will receive a complimentary copy of the Book Class of 69 Cooks. There will be no other payment or consideration given. The recipes may be used in other publications by this author. The books may be published as E-Books or Hard Copy, or any other form. Other media, with written consent of Jill Russell, may publish excerpts of any of the books/articles resulting from this research.

Thank you!
Jill Russell, N.D.
Alba-Golden, Texas Senior Class of '69
Author; Class of 69 Cooks

P.S. Sorry folks, Red Velvet Cake is already taken! However if you would like to send your recipe for this highlight of the 60's and a Red Velvet Cake story, please do. It may be the subject of its own book!
Copyright 2003 Jill Russell
No portion of this may be used in any form without the written consent of the author

03/28/03 ~ Dear OHS Grads:

A special thank you to each of you who have sent your check for Mr. Dossett's retirement gift. Your name will be listed in the retirement program and his retirement memory book. If you would like to contribute and have not done so, please make your check out to Educator Recognition Fund and mail it to 7002 East 77th Place, Tulsa, Oklahoma 74033. If possible, please send your check by April 15. Everyone is invited to Mr. Dossett's retirement party on June 22 at 2:00 p.m. in the Mary Glass Performing Arts Center on the campus of Owasso High School. Hope to see you there.

02/23/03 ~ Operation Silverado

Dear Friends:
We who have been a part of Owasso Public Schools during the last 31 years have been fortunate to work with Rick Dossett. Whether we were students, co-workers, parents, booster club members, civic groups using the high school facilities, families in need, etc., we were all given Mr. Dossett's best. Few people have had the impact on the entire community of Owasso that he has had as teacher, coach, assistant principal, and principal, but those days are coming to an end. Mr. Dossett is retiring.
Although many of us can not imagine OHS without Mr. Dossett and his total commitment to our school and community, we understand his wish for retirement, and we will miss him. What we will not miss is his 30+-year-old red and white pickup truck with the rust spots and goofy antenna. We think he deserves better, and we know all his former students, friends, and co-workers can work together to surprise Mr. Dossett with a new pickup. All of us who have borrowed his pickup over the years (and there are many of us), know its "retirement" is long overdue! For those of you who are skeptical that we can raise that much money within the next few months, consider that Mr. Dossett has seen 31 Owasso classes, representing thousands of students, graduate. If each class raises $1000 dollars, we can easily pay for a new pickup. We are requesting that as many people as possible get involved, giving whatever amount they want to give, and we are requesting your help as a school and/or community leader to contact your friends and co-workers to raise funds through donations or fundraisers.
The drive is already underway with an account established at the First Bank of Owasso. Contributions may be sent to the Educator Recognition Fund at the above address. The committee members listed below will answer any questions you may have.
Renee Mowery 272-5338 day, 272-2995 evening
Steve Mowery 272-6244 day, 272-2995 evening
Stan Trout 272-8025 day, 272-7942 evening
Patty O'Shea 272-8096 day, 492-4855 evening
Beverly Arnold 272-8106 day, 272-1536 evening

As "Operation Silverado" progresses, we will work out details of the presentation and donor recognition. So that everyone may be recognized, we ask that each donation contain the name, address, school, and graduating class year, if applicable, of those contributing to the fund. We will keep cards for each class, school, and organization with a list of each person participating.
The few student and community leaders who know about our plans are excited, and we hope you will be excited, too. Please remember that this project is a surprise, so be very careful what you say when Mr. Dossett is around. He would never allow us to do what we're doing if he were to find out! Can we keep this a secret? You bet! Mr. Dossett is so busy he won't even know what we are up to unless someone tells him.
Secretly yours, Friends of Rick Dossett

01/21/03 ~ Class of 1973 REUNION

The date for our 30 year class reunion has been changed to Saturday, September 27, 2003. That is Homecoming weekend so there will be a football game the evening before - details are being worked on now. Contact Information: Sheri (Stevens) McLaughlin at 272-6314 (email: mcbess99@aol.com) or Robin (Means) Kernyanski at 272-6468 (email: robo@olp.net).

Happy 2003!

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